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Welcome to the special SPORT overview of  BALLIeL Health Consultancy (BHC).

Here, we've listed advices, nutritional products and other supporting tools concerning sport items.

Obviously, all is based on medical knowlegde, personal experience and evidence based.

Soon, we will publish very special experiences from 2 hikings to the top of the Kilimandjaro in december 2012 beyond the standard routes,

but via the IceFields and spending the night before reaching the top at 5.700 mtr. ! 

It was done in 4 nights to climb & descend the Kilimanjaro, whereby  descending from top at 5.900 mtr to Gate at 1.500 mtr within 9 hours !

Means, done the Mont Blanc down in 1 day.

Even, our experience at the HIMAXX institute for altitude training and stages at Berlin; here, it was even possible to spent a night at simulated 6100 mtr.

in order to simulate sleeping at the crater camp !

Look for the blog at Kili-Extrem.

Take a look at for the video !!

Furtherone, we will publish in january 2013 our experiences with nutritional supplements in the therapy and lifestyle support for elder peoples with severe dementia.

Come back soon to read the most recent articles !

The products are NOT on the  banned substance list of the   USADA  and  the  WADA


FDA-GRAS listed (Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA).

In Germany, the products are listed on the Koelner Liste   at the Koelner Olympiastuetzpunkt.

Click here for this overview-list:  Koelner Liste 

To get to know, how the analysis was done,
Click here for this list-specified:  Koelner List - Specified

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especially to get more testimonials and an individual advice for your carreer.

Phone to ++31 62 50 78 555.

For translation purpose of some of the articles, please see the Altavista-Link in the footer.

You're welcome,

Mr. W.M.R. BALLIeL,  Health Counsellor / Nurse specialist