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Actual:  PENZUOLI artwork can also be visited at Gallery Peter Slegers - Maastricht:

PENZUOLI @ Galerie Slegers

This information site is ment to be a forum of discussion and exchange of edxperiences, opinions and information.

Especially, we leave the visitor only with the name and the art-work of the artists. By this, you can focus your whole attention on the cor-item.

To get a real impression, we provided the overview of the art-works as a PDF-file, so you can print it and live with it, see it every day.  To our opinion, this is another way to get to know if you  really like this painting or object, you're interested in.


If then, you'd like to be informed or have a specific question, please contact us.You may expect an answer within 24 hours.

With pleasure, we appriciate your opinion and suggestions.

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